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Corporate Social Responsibility
CamSpices Farm

Camspices Farm is a social economical initiative by the founders of Wee Hoe Cheng Pte Ltd. It is Mr Lim Hock Boon and Mrs Jane Lim's vision and mission to give the Cambodians and their family an opportunity to break out of the poverty cycle. Rather than relying on a charity to execute their vision they decided to establish a social enterprise with their own finances and induce change with their own hands.



With three of their four children already successfully operating the parent company, they invited their third child Lim De Neng to make a difference in Cambodia. In the years following, Camspices Farm through its social-economical hands-on approach to philanthropy, has helped hundreds of Cambodian families break out of poverty and is continuing to make positive changes in education, nutrition, infrastructure development and community enrichment activities.


We humbly invite you to share in our journey so far.

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Our Passion

Camspices Farm is a commercial farm in Cambodia and we are currently working on to grow a variety of crops to supply worldwide. Using local knowledge and international standards to achieve high grade crop for safe consumption is our goal. 

Making a difference in peoples lives and looking out for future generations is our passion.

De Neng CSF Farm Manager.jpg

“We must do our best not just for ourselves but for the people around us.”

- Mr Lim De Neng , Director - Camspices Farm

Our Crops









Our Growing Culture

Extensive Research

We conduct both field and academic
research on plant species, climate and
soil conditions before planting.
We draw on local farmer knowledge
and consult international growers to
best formulate our growing strategies.

Data Based Analysis

Data is collected every step of the way, from climate, soil conditions, plant health and harvest. Our growing strategies are based on solid facts and figures. Data is also shared with local and international farmers so that we may succeed together.


Experimental Progress

Growing techniques gathered from various sources are rigorously tested in the field through large scale experiments. We often find combining a few successful growing techniques yields good and successful results.

"The land will give you back what you put in, if you put your heart into the land she will give you much in return."

Miss Lyly Duch Champa PA to Directors Camspices Farm

Growing Good

Growing good is our philosophy to making a difference in the regions we carry out our businesses. We view making a difference as a long term, sustainable and positive change to the communities and environments surrounding us. To date we have provided aid to more than a hundred families, helped to upgrade key infrastructures (schools, hospitals, commune gathering grounds, etc) and have a scholarship programme for future generations.


Growing Good aims to provide people with the tools and opportunities to break through the poverty cycle and sustain positive lifestyles. In the future we hope to provide more opportunities for the talented and hardworking Cambodians to realise their potential.
Please join us in helping them.

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CamSpices Farm Children Going to School in TukTuk.jpg

Social Impact

We provide food and basic necessities to poor families monthly. We also upgrade existing facilities like schools and hospitals to better face their challenges. In a developing nation where people live hand to mouth, families can only think in the short term. Providing food and provisions to poor families, buys them time to work or pursue education. Upgrading community infrastructures ensures they have a better environment to survive and thrive.


Ecological Sensitivity

Mother nature has provided us much and we in turn want to conserve and protect our environment through growing strategies and reuse methods.


One example is our growing of turmeric in the forest. Instead of cutting down trees to make way for agricultural land, we opt to conserve the trees and grow under them instead.


Visit us in Cambodia to see our fields of turmeric in the forest.


We believe the future belongs to the next generation, therefore we provide incentive rewards and scholarships to students. We keep in contact with them throughout their education to provide not just financial but also morale support.


How we can grow together

We may be located in a third world nation but our standards are world class. Wee Hoe Cheng Pte Ltd has been in the food industry business for well over 70 years, with a well established track record and a solutions based culture, we will work ceaselessly to fulfill your requirements. By buying our products you allow us to continue making a difference.
Share with us how we can be of service, email or call
De Yuan to request for samples and specifications on our Cambodian products. Help us help the people of Cambodia.
Choose to provide rations, upgrade facilities, sponsor students or apply your expertise to help the people move forward. We are more than happy to work hand in hand to help. 
De Neng to see how we can make a difference together.

“We must help, but not at the cost of their dignity. Their pockets may be poor, but they are rich in spirit.”

- Mr Lim Hock Boon ,Chairman- Camspices Farm
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