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Wee Hoe Cheng Chemicals Pte Ltd (Singapore)

About Us

Since 1949, Wee Hoe Cheng (WHC) Singapore has been providing Quality Specialty Food & Beverages Solutions to our Valued Customers globally.

Well Established & Experienced

More than 30 years of experience delivering consistent Food and Beverage Specialty Ingredients.


Dedicated Research & Development Team to customize and innovate unique formulations specific to our valued customers.

Certified Quality

Rigorous Quality Control to Meet Stringent Requirement of Food Safety & Customer’s Specifications.


Our Company

We add value with the Headquarters based in Singapore and dedicated production, warehouse and offices in Indonesia and Malaysia. To serve our valued customers even better, we have expanded our manufacturing facilities with a 100,000sq ft factory in Senai Johor, Malaysia as part of our expansion plans to innovate and customise a more extensive product range.


As business partner to suppliers and industry leaders in more than 108 cities based in USA, South America, Europe, United Kingdom, ASEAN, India, China, Australia and Japan, we provide our customers with an extensive range of Products, Ingredients and Additives.

Being present and close to our customers’ business for more than 70 years gives us in-depth knowledge on these markets’ requirements. In addition to providing the  convenience of a one-stop supply point, we are able to customise to specific customers’ requirements.


We provide Logistics & Warehousing capabilities to keep stock and supply with just-in-time basis against customer’s production demands.


Our Journey

Join us as we journey through our long history…

1949- Early 1980s : Mr. Wee tendered contracts for the British Army and was the main contractor for construction and civil engineering projects in Singapore.

Founder_ Mr Wee Hoe Cheng.jpg

1949: The late Mr Wee Hoe Cheng founded the company in 1949.

1981: Mrs Lim at The American Institute of Baking, now known as AIB International in Kansas, USA.


Founder: Mr Wee Hoe Cheng


Mrs Jane Lim AIB

1990s: First office and warehouse in Ruby Industrial Complex.

1990s: First office / warehouse in Ruby Complex.


Directors in WHC Ruby Office


Directors in WHC Ruby Office

1996: Director - Mrs Lim was invited to join the Trade Mission in the USA.

1992: Building partnerships from around the globe.


Ruby Office / Warehouse WHC


USA Trade Mission

1999: Dr Samuel Zweig, our company’s benefactor, was invited for a tree planting ceremony in his honor.

1999: Wee Hoe Cheng 50th Anniversary at
11 Loyang Walk: Factory, Warehouse & Office


Dr. Samuel Zweig 


WHC 50th Anniversary

2005: Director - Mrs Lim was invited by the U.S Dairy Export Council for the South East Asia Dairy Ingredient Trade Mission.

2006: Rohm and Haas (Germany) UV Lacquers and Inks Technical Seminar hosted by WHC.


U.S Dairy Export Council South East Asian Dairy Ingredient Mission (10-15 September 2005)


Rohm and Haas Technical Seminar 


2013: Renger International Sdn Bhd Malaysia Factory in Senai, Johor Malaysia Ground Breaking Ceremony.

2013: PT Lumindo booth at Food Ingredients Asia (Jakarta) Exhibition.


Lumindo Exhibition


RISB Ground Breaking Ceremony

2019: Indonesian National Standard (SNI) audit at Renger International Sdn Bhd.


SNI Audit at RISB

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